My goodness, I am so happy you're here!

I'm Christina Bacon, a joyful photographer based out of Kentucky. My passion for photography is something I've wanted to pursue since middle school, taking photos and making films every moment I could. Right out of college I wholeheartedly pursued creating my own business, MCB Photography & Film. I began documenting weddings through photography & 35mm film along with creating portraits for family heirlooms, or sweet love stories. For the moment, I am specifically focusing more on photography, no longer offering wedding filmmaking, although I have loved the films I've been able to create of love stories in the past.

Here is one of my favorite short films I’ve curated of my talented friend who is an artist; Olivia.

photo: Katie Starks // @kt.starks

I am a graduate of Western Kentucky University with a major in film and minor in history. I love intentionally documenting moments though a camera lens and adore deepening my knowledge of history. My desire to document history and photograph special moments in your life brings these passions together for you and you family to have forever.

You might be fearful of your wedding or milestone not being captured uniquely & artistically with your story in mind. You might also be fearful that your moments may seem disingenuous.

Let me put your fears to rest with my desired mission: to joyfully capture moments in history of relationships and loved ones through photography & film. I intentionally want to invest my time with clients to learn more about them. This will help me create your story more authentically as well as allowing you to be confident your story will be shared authentically. My prayer is that you would know that there is Hope and see Light through my joy, and recognize the beauty in your unique story.

I am also a follower of Jesus Christ. My goal with this vessel of photography is to glorify Him above all, reminding others of Christ's covenant with believers, the Church, that is shown through marriage and points to the eternal marriage celebration in heaven. Your day will be a glimpse of that -- the truest of joys! That is the foundational reason why I hold such weight to documenting your wedding day.

Outside of MCB Photography & Film, here are a few more things about me: I love chocolate chip cookies, classical music, old films, being outside, historical documentaries and the world's multitude of cultures. My inspiration comes by experiencing the quiet, simpler times. By sitting outside on picnic blankets, listening to the Beatles records on vinyl, porches to watch the day go by and all the nostalgia that comes along with it. I am an old soul, obsessed with the movie Little Women and dressing in linen, corduroy, and turtlenecks while trying to figure out how to wear them in the summer. When not editing and getting to know people, I'm with my friends laughing, being silly and talking in British accents, probably drinking coffee and tea, and trying to figure out how to do this crazy young adult life for the glory of God.

If I sound like the kind of artist you're looking for to capture your day, I cannot wait to meet you and hear more of your unique story.

Love, Christina.

My prayer is that those I photograph or capture through film, would know that there is Hope & see Light through my joy, to better recognize the beauty in their unique story.

Snowy photos by: Emily Nystrom

A few of my favorite things in photos:

Fun facts:

  • I laugh quite a bit.
  • I traveled Europe for a semester while studying in England. It was there I fell in love with the painter Claude Monet, and deepened my love for history. But honestly don't get me started because I WILL talk about it for hours.
  • As a result of above, I love drinking tea.
  • I spent four months in Eastern France, spring of 2022. I learned more about independence but also dependence on the Lord, as well as His love for me that will only be the fuel for me to love others.
  • As a result of the French culture, I love nice coffee more than ever.
  • Living in Bowling Green, KY I have been gifted with some of the best community through my local church.
  • I've worked at Pine Cove camp throughout college and have been blessed to witness so much life change in high schoolers and in myself.
  • I love to romanticize life and find joy in the mundane, while learning as much as I can. I adored listening to lectures in history classes, and I could listen to you talk about a topic you are passionate about for a long time.
  • I want you to know that you are loved and have a purpose.

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