My goodness, I am so happy you are here!

I'm Christina Bacon, a joyful photographer based out of Kentucky but available to travel. My passion for photography is something I've wanted to pursue since middle school, taking photos and making films every moment I could. Right out of college I wholeheartedly pursued creating my own business, MCB Photography & Film. I began documenting weddings through photography & 35mm film along with creating portraits for families or sweet love stories.

I am a graduate of Western Kentucky University with a Bachelors of Arts in film and history.  I can hardly believe I get to bring these two passions together to document history in your life through every day special moments for  you & your loved one or your family to look back on, forever.

Let me put any fears you may have to rest with my desired mission: to joyfully capture moments in history of relationships and loved ones through photography & film. I intentionally want to invest my time with clients to learn more about them. This will help me document your story more authentically as well as allowing you to be confident your story will be shared in the most honest way. My prayer is that you would know that there is Hope and see Light through my joy, and recognize the beauty in your unique story.

For sure the most important thing I want you to know is I am a follower of Jesus Christ. My goal with this vessel of photography is to glorify Him above all, telling others of Christ's covenant with believers, the Church, that is shown through marriage and points to the eternal marriage celebration in heaven. Your day will be a glimpse of that -- the truest of joys! That is the foundational reason why I hold such weight to documenting your wedding day.

My deepest passions are Jesus & history and your wedding day will showcase both.

Although I am not continuing documenting others through wedding films, storytelling through filmmaking has always made my heartbeat since I picked up a camera. Here is one of my most recent short films sharing Liz Allison’s story that wove together her passion for art, motherhood, and trials in life. I would love nothing more than to also share your family's story through filmmaking!

Outside of MCB Photography & Film, here are a few more things about me: I love the green of spring, historical documentaries, jazz and the world's multitude of cultures. My inspiration comes by experiencing the every day mundane moments: porches to watch the day go by, hearing a birdsong during spring, watching the trees bud against the bluest of skies, an unexpected warm embrace, sitting on a blanket in the grass & reading a book as the sun is shining, walking around the square in my small town, becoming dear friends with the local coffee shop baristas. I am an old soul, obsessed with the Beatles & the movie Little Women. When I'm not editing and getting to know you, I'm with my friends or local church family, laughing over dinner, maybe talking in British accents, probably drinking coffee or tea while deepening relationships, and trying to figure out how to do this sweet adult life for the glory of God.

If I sound like the kind of artist you're looking for to capture your day, I cannot wait to meet you and hear more of your unique story.

Love, Christina.







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